Kids Hits Gift Guide

Kids Hits Gift Guide


Winter is coming, and the countdown to Christmas has already begun. It’s high time we got into the holiday spirit choosing Christmas presents for kids.

All parents want their children to enjoy getting holiday gifts and have fun long afterwards playing with toys they find under the Christmas tree. Parents need to be creative to get a good fit for what kids are currently able to do, what they’re interested in and what they consider fun.

And here we are with our gift guide to help in choosing the best ideas:

- The newest Kids Hits toys hitting the market are our unique tablets, that are sure to amaze every wizkid and keep the child busy exploring new things during holidays. Choose Hit Pad - Dino Friends if your kid is interested in mysteries of the world of dinosaurs, or offer a fascinating tour around the city with Cars and Trucks. Let your child become a super genius with Tiger Quiz and Smart Puppy Touch Pads, offering challenging quiz format games.

- Create a festive music environment presenting musical toys to your children: with Musical Puppy or Musical Rabbit kids can learn singing and dancing, and the Piano Toy – Musical Rainbow will grant a young musician a pleasure of favourable musical settings for playing and learning. To make your family time bright and joyful, choose Kids Hits Light Show Microphone - sing along to karaoke tunes together, show your family talents in DJ mode, playing along to popular songs, and let your child become a superstar!

- For babies and toddlers choose one of our Musical Playmats – hours of fun, enjoyable sounds and melodies perfect for the holiday mood are guaranteed!

We realize that buying presents for kids is not that easy, so we offer a wide range of attractive, musical and educational toys to choose from. With Kids Hits, be sure to see sheer joy and excitement of your children opening their Christmas gifts.


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