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Our Story

It all starts with kids – a new life, new ideas, new passion, new toys! Kids inspire us to new challenges, they keep us moving even at the hardest times. They keep us smiling and willing to create. Having been in the toy business since 2005, we started as a toys and outdoor products exporter and importer. Launching so many branded and non-branded toys to the market we always struggled to bring the best quality products. We always wanted to improve the toys we were dealing with – in quality, design, to add educational content and to make quality toys more affordable for all families. Then we realized that with our experience and care for kids we were able to create and develop our own toys. Sounded challenging! Nevertheless, in 2020 first toys created by our team were launched with incredible success! Kids Hits toys are already selling in more than 20 countries all over the world! We are proud to join the ranks of toys manufacturers and to offer our toys to all markets without limits.

Our Company and Team

KIDS HITS is a group of companies with offices in the USA and Hong Kong. While the US office is responsible for own domestic distribution and brand development, the Hong Kong office ensures that all international cooperation and production issues go smoothly. Our international team has no borders, with employees based not only in the USA and Hong Kong, but also in Europe and Asia. To ensure the most innovative design of our toys we constantly cooperate with well-known toy developers and illustrators/artists from all over the world. Highly skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience in toys development make sure we bring to the market the most demanded products of the best quality and content. Our multinational team guarantees that the products we create are adaptive to any country and culture.

Manufacturing process

KIDS HITS production facilities are based in China. Depending on the type of product and its materials we choose the best locations throughout China Mainland to manufacture our toys from high quality materials at an affordable price. In manufacturing process, we set up our production line for each type of products and use our own molds. Our quality control engineers inspect each stage of production to ensure there are no violations in the process. The products we manufacture comply with the highest international standards and pass all required tests, including EN71, CPSC, CPSIA, ASTM. We care about kids and make sure our toys are made from quality materials and are 100% safe.

Our Motto

Toys have long been recognized tools of the child’s learning and development. Kids learn skills and retain information best through toys that are interesting to them - from playmats and dolls to IQ games and interactive books. Toys create educational experiences that children enjoy: learning letters, numbers, colours, shapes, traffic rules - is more about having fun than educational classes. Playing toys pursues learning goals and tackles matters of the child’s harmonious physical and intellectual development. Sensory experience, critical thinking, physical exercise become a part of a meaningful and purposeful play resulting in high performance of young learners. Our toys provide a precious opportunity to: Play more, learn better!

How we create
There is a huge array of toys that have been developed for the children’s market. KIDS HITS feel confident in introducing the right toys to children – our toys are great fun to play and therewith aid kids’ development in a physical, emotional and intellectual manner. Learning through play provides a safe experience of exploration, creative designing and building, experimentation, imaginative play, and gives a chance to develop and practice new skills. Target skills of the child’s early development make up KIDS HITS core principles.
Touch with Sound

Babies and children learn and discover the world through their senses (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell). Babies start reacting to auditory stimulation from birth: they turn their head towards sound. Through the sense of hearing, sound toys enable children to sense and interpret sounds that they hear, determine the distance and the direction that the sound is coming from. Hearing and listening are crucial skills during childhood and are closely linked to learning. Considering the principle of learning with sound, our company provides a great variety of sound and music toys that ensure development of auditory perceptual skills. The better the child is able to hear and listen, the better the intellectual development will be, as soon as it is based on auditory perceptual skills. Our toys with sounds resembling real “grown-up” stuff, like mobile phones or tablets, also make kids eager to act and be capable like a grownup. With toys like these children learn problem-solving, spatial relations (how things fit together), and develop fine motor skills.

Light it Up

All learning happens through the perception of the senses. Through the sense of sight, toys enable children to recognize objects, focus on them. Toys with lights and contrasting colors stimulate vision development, attract attention, and boost concentration. Babies develop hand-eye coordination and use their hands to touch bright toys they see. In view of the beneficial effects of playing with light, our company is constantly extending toy product lines with lights. Our toys are so diverse that they become helpful to the child in learning not only fine motor skills, but also cause-and-effect and analysis. Kids receive visual information and respond to the environment around - the mind and the senses work together to create a meaningful world!

Feel the Touch

A newborn baby’s first experience with the surrounding world occurs through touch. Touch is how infants first know they are loved. And later babies and children of all ages have a well-developed sense of touch: they prefer soft, gentle touches and cuddles. At different stages of children’s development tactile toys empower their natural curiosity to reach out and explore. Kids Hits offers a wide range of tactile and sensory toys, with the help of which kids learn to feel tactile qualities of an object, its size, shape and texture. The principle of tactile learning is successfully implemented in our toys, aiming at development of sensory capabilities, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination. Feeing the touch is highly important for children’s emotional development. Touch is not only imperative for short-term advancement with early childhood sensory experiences, but for long-term development within the child. Touch is essential for the child’s growth in physical abilities, cognitive skills, and even social development.

Add Logic

Children’s active exploring nature is part of growing up. With toys that challenge the mind of a child learning the world becomes a great source of fun. Our toy lines of building blocks and construction toys provide support to kids’ cognitive development by stimulating their concentration, memory and logic skills. Such toys spark kids’ imagination and creativity; teach reasoning and problem-solving. That’s why we pay much attention to educational toys promoting the ability to organize information received, interpret and process it and react appropriately. Our IQ games and toys that teach basics like alphabets, numbers, sounds are designed to boost kids’ IQ, satisfy their curiosity and at the same time increase their literacy and enable them to approach math and language skills in a way that is fun for them. With these toys, kids can acquire new skills while they enjoy their play. Educational toys make learning manageable and increase kids’ interest in learning.


Toys invite children to play and interact. Playing with toys, children use their imagination to create their own fantasy worlds or role-play familiar real-life situations. Furthermore, role-playing motivates kids to take initiative, learn to negotiate and even get better organized. Following this principle, our company produces interactive soft toys and dolls, through which kids interact with their surroundings, engage others in their play and learn social skills. Social skills for younger children involve understanding how to relate to others, make and keep friendship. Role-playing develops recognition skills and promotes language development by reinforcing names of objects around, colours, shapes, etc. Through toys the little ones express their emotions and build their self-esteem, and we, as a manufacturer, are happy to assist kids with this important matter.

Make it Move

Ever since babies are born, toys motivate them to use their hands and feet in order to perceive the world. Sensory and motor development is a gradual process by which children gain use and coordination of the large muscles of legs, trunk, and arms, and the smaller muscles of hands. Motion starts with the simplest tasks: if the favourite toy is out of reach, the baby will try to grab it. Therefore, our company produces a lot of toys aimed at fine motor skills development supported by positive sensory experience of the little ones. Babies stretch themselves in attempt to reach colorful activity elements, they grab, and pull, and squeeze, and palm. Once babies know how to sit and crawl, toys incite them to be on the move. Children need a lot of movement such as rolling, swaying, rocking and tumbling. Our push-and-roll and pull-along toys are designed to get children engaged in physical activity and complete a certain task. With our toys children exercise their fine and gross motor skills, which is highly important for strengthening their bodies. Physical play ensures the child’s success at every developmental milestone.


We are all aware of the ecological problems that the mankind is currently facing. Our company is highly concerned about the environment that the future generation is to inherit and to live in. We love our children and are very cautious about their health and wellbeing. As a manufacturer, our company takes care of our consumers and introduces toys with as little environmental impact as possible. All our toys are produced from elaborately selected environmentally-friendly materials. Being aware of the importance of environmental sustainability, we have launched a line of eco-friendly wooden toys. Our wooden blocks, cubes, puzzles and play sets fascinate children with their creative design. They are made using nontoxic paints, which makes our toys safer for children and kinder to the environment. When it comes to choosing a toy for the child, it’s important to make eco-friendly decisions!


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