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Hit Pad

Dino Friends

Ref. KH01/006
Product description

We at Kids Hits never forget about dinosaurs, neither do kids and their parents - we all need to know our history. But history is boring and our Hit Pad Dino Friends is so much fun! Parents won't need to search for dino names and when they lived on our planet if they have such a super helpful aid! This multifunctional toy is a must-have for young explorers.

Educational value
cognitive skills
logical thinking
sensory abilities
musical abilities
Product specification
Series: Hit Pad
Product Name: Dino Friends
Reference number: KH01/006
Toy Dimensions: 24*17.6*2 cm
Package Dimensions: 25*27*4 cm
Age: 3+ years
Batteries: 3 AAA
Product information
50 questions and fast facts
40 melodies and sounds
Play along with dinosaur voices!
2 game modes
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