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Push and Pull


Ref. KH22/001
Product description

Push and pull toys give children an excellent chance to go through exciting experiences! Learning to manipulate this bright Llama, babies will grasp and roll, crawl and walk, improve their balancing and coordination skills. The ratchet element and the tactile insert engage kids in new sensory and fine motor activities and stimulate their inventive ideas.

Educational value
cognitive skills
sensory abilities
fine motor skills
Product specification
Series: Push and Pull
Product Name: Llama
Reference number: KH22/001
Toy Dimensions: 12.8*14.8*10.8 cm
Package Dimensions: 14.8*22.4*12.5 cm
Age: 1+ years
Batteries: not required
Product information
Bright colours
Easy-to-roll wheels
A ratchet
A tactile insert
A moving head
A pull string included

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