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Push and Pull


Ref. KH22/003
Product description

Pushing and pulling this brightly coloured Deer with spinning wheels will become a toddler’s favourite daily activity! The little one can make it go with the help of the string or the inertia wheels and invent new “manoeuvres" trying to make the toy move more effectively. Playing with this toy brings so much joy to kids and boosts their confidence as well as understanding of what they can control.

Educational value
cognitive skills
sensory abilities
fine motor skills
Product specification
Series: Push and Pull
Product Name: Deer
Reference number: KH22/003
Toy Dimensions: 12.8*15.3*10.7 cm
Package Dimensions: 14.8*21.4*12.5 cm
Age: 1+ years
Batteries: not required
Product information
Bright colours
Easy-to-roll wheels
A ratchet
A tactile insert
A moving head
A pull string included

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