How to choose the right toys for kids of different ages?

How to choose the right toys for kids of different ages?

The main purpose of toys is to awaken children’s curiosity and the desire to learn new things, and to provide for their research activity. As babies grow, their toys become more sophisticated, more diverse, but the purpose of toy purchasing remains the same – to promote successful development of kids’ intellectual and physical skills, imagination and creativity.

0-6 months

This is the age when careful consideration should be given to development of babies’ sensory skills, fine and gross motor skills as well as building accuracy, strength, dexterity.

Pay attention to our Soft playmats with multifunctional surfaces Two-sided Playmat, Baby Touch Mat and our novelty, which is convenient for take-along and on-the-go play, – Soft Activity Board. Hanging toys attached to the playmat, just the same as in the sets of Activity Gyms stimulate meaningful movements. Contrasting bright colors of the toys have a positive effect on the development of the nervous system. Such toys attract attention, develop accuracy, strength, dexterity.

6-12 months

At 6-12 months, babies should actively explore the immediate environment. The more diverse the space around, the better! This age needs a great variety of sensory stimulation. At this stage, a child significantly improves the accuracy of grasping and manipulating objects. Our Touch and Play Mats with tactile inserts, rustling elements and lots of bright playthings help kids hone cognitive skills, which are the first step on the way of development of different types of human thinking.

And what can be more interesting than learning the world around with music! We recommend Light and Sound Mat  series, which guarantees enjoyable learning of farm or zoo animals and even cars.

1-2 years

This stage is known for active logic and cognitive skills development. Cause-and-effect toys can be of great help to kids: Stacking toys Stack and Play, building toy sets Wooden Train, Wooden Blocks. When a child sorts the blocks trying to find a suitable one, he/she gets practical information on shapes, colors, employs logical thinking and improves fine motor skills.

By the age of 1 year, babies commonly have been ready to make their first steps, successfully complete balancing and coordination tasks, learn directions and even new words – Push and Pull Toys  and Pull-Along Toys  are just perfect for this period!

At this age, there is also transition from the material to the intellectual. Interactive toys engage the little ones in activities that raise their interest in communication and cooperation. “Talking” animals My Friend,  Play with Me can tell a lot about new things around, ask questions, tell a fairy tale and sing a song – all depends on a baby’s desire.

Also, at this stage, a child can show interest in musical instruments with various sounds. The musical toys Wooden Xylophone  and Piano Toy will be very helpful to satisfy kids’ curiosity about music and developing musical abilities.

2-3 years

During this period, it is necessary to support children’s learning to overcome difficulties, setting tasks and searching for possible solutions. Alongside intellectual development, a child’s physical development is also very active. Kids like to manipulate objects, fill various containers.

The sorter Sorting House, which represents a closed “container” with holes and a set of figures to be inserted into the holes of corresponding shapes, is highly beneficial for development of logical, cognitive, fine motor skills and sensory abilities.

Therewith, this is an appropriate stage to start getting first knowledge at play. So, we offer a series of musical educational toys Babies, Babykins, Baby Hoppers. Such toys as Smart Phones will be very useful for kids’ early learning.

3-5 years

At the age of 3, children advance in imagination and logical thinking development. The musculoskeletal system and the nervous system continue to develop, attention and endurance increase. Children become more and more independent; they want to learn about the world, to discover something new. They ask a lot of questions and learn to analyze the knowledge obtained. In this respect educational Hit Pad tablets are very helpful for the young children; we have developed over 15 themed tablets!

Playing with Hit Pads, a child improves musical abilities, cognitive skills, logical thinking and sensory abilities, broadens horizons and gets motivated to learn and discover the world around.

Moreover, preference should be given to play with toys involving imagination. A kid should be encouraged to invent stories and develop plots thereof. For example, the TransformMates series is just perfect for this kind of play, because the car can be easily transformed into a cute animal, which suggests lots of scenarios.


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