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Two-sided Playmat

My First Animals

Ref. KH06/005
Product description

This two-sided animal-themed baby playmat is a great novelty! Its one side is colourful and bright, and the other one is contrastive black-and-white! This design is created with due consideration of kids’ perception and serves to promote visual stimulation and sensory development in infants. The sun-squeaker, tactile inserts, flap rustling elements, bright ribbons and the soft safe mirror invite babies to make first discoveries of their own. It is so much fun to touch, open and press! Let’s start learning the world!

Educational value
cognitive skills
sensory abilities
fine motor skills
Product specification
Series: Two-sided Playmat
Product Name: My First Animals
Reference number: KH06/005
Toy Dimensions: 79.5*70 cm
Package Dimensions: 48*31*6 cm
Age: 3+ months
Batteries: not required
Product information
A squeaker
A felt flower
Bright ribbons
A tactile insert
A safe mirror
Rustling elements
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