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Sorting Truck

Safari Journey

Ref. KH20/029
Product description

This brightly coloured Sorting Truck invites kids to a great Safari Journey. Playing with 6 animals of the set, the child should drop each element into an appropriate slot, then open the rear door of the truck, tip the element out, and start all over again! The little one can play with the animals as individual toys and use the truck with easy-to-roll wheels as a pull-along toy. The variety of activities is really amazing!

Educational value
logical thinking
sensory abilities
fine motor skills
creativity skills
Product specification
Series: Sorting Truck
Product Name: Safari Journey
Reference number: KH20/029
Toy Dimensions: 27*18*18 cm
Package Dimensions: 27*18*18 cm
Age: 2+ years
Batteries: not required
Product information
Water-based paints
Made of high-quality wood
7 sorting elements
6 zoo animals
A truck-shaped sorter
Easy-to-roll wheels
An openable rear door
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