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Light and Sound Mat

Noisy Farm

Ref. KH04/002
Product description

What do you need to fascinate kids? Magic lights and merry sounds! This amazing musical play mat offers all you need! Babies will enjoy cheerful melodies and funny mixes, listen to real piano sounds and even play along to music with farm animal voices! A non-slip rubberized backside makes the play mat the safest place for toddlers to play and rest. Enjoy!

Educational value
cognitive skills
sensory abilities
musical abilities
Product specification
Series: Light and Sound Mat
Product Name: Noisy Farm
Reference number: KH04/002
Toy Dimensions: 70*50 cm
Package Dimensions: 38*26*4 cm
Age: 8+ months
Batteries: 2 AAA
Product information
14 farmyard sounds
14 funny mixes
8 joyful melodies
Real piano sounds!
Touch, listen and learn!
Magic lights!
Choose animal voices to play along to the beat of cheerful melodies!
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