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Smart Phone

Light-up Zoo

Ref. KH03/004
Product description

It’s no secret that toddlers today often know how to use mobile phones even better than their parents and grandparents! Kids love challenging tasks! To satisfy the needs of ‘inquisitive minds’, we have introduced Smart Phone Light-up Zoo – with a bunch of wonderful functionalities. Kids will solve riddles, do morning exercises, learn zoo animals, take pictures, sing and dance to popular melodies. This smart phone will keep little wizz-kids busy and entertained!

Educational value
cognitive skills
logical thinking
musical abilities
Product specification
Series: Smart Phone
Product Name: Light-up Zoo
Reference number: KH03/004
Toy Dimensions: 8*14.2*2.2 cm
Package Dimensions: 18.5*23.1*3.5 cm
Age: 2+ years
Batteries: 2 AAA
Product information
36 sounds, tunes and animal voices
6 popular melodies
3 funny games
Bright light!
Light-up cute animals!
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