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Play with Me


Ref. KH14/002
Product description

Everyone is sure to be amazed by this cute cuddle buddy! This is a plush interactive toy with a light-up belly and soft paws that respond to the baby’s touch and offer lots of exciting activities. Kitty will entertain kids with funny mixes and farm animal voices, sing popular songs and tell fairy tales. Every little learner will enjoy singing the ABC and counting songs and learn shapes and colours at play. Kitty’s friendly greetings and phrases teach rules of politeness, and relaxing lullabies come just in time before a baby goes to bed. Play and learn all day long!

Educational value
cognitive skills
sensory abilities
musical abilities
social development
Product specification
Series: Play with Me
Product Name: Kitty
Reference number: KH14/002
Toy Dimensions: 20*28.4*20 cm
Package Dimensions: 21*34.5*18.7 cm
Age: 1+ years
Batteries: 3 AAA
Product information
Amazing fairy tales
Popular melodies
Well-known lullabies
ABCs, shapes, colours, numbers
Mixes with farm animal voices
Bright light
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