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Wooden Train

Happy Friends

Ref. KH20/021
Product description

The train set and stacking cubes in one toy! This wooden train features amusing animals, colourful patterns and letters. The little one can uncouple the wagons, match and stack the cubes and improvise! At play, babies can learn the ABC, train their memory, develop logic and reasoning skills. Stacking, pulling and rolling will bring great excitement to toddlers! Give a ride to little animals on this fantastic train!

Educational value
cognitive skills
logical thinking
fine motor skills
Product specification
Series: Wooden Train
Product Name: Happy Friends
Reference number: KH20/021
Toy Dimensions: 36.5*13*8.6 cm
Package Dimensions: 37.8*13*10 cm
Age: 1+ years
Batteries: not required
Product information
Water-based paints
Made of high-quality wood
15 elements
Match the cubes, learn and play!
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