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Wooden Blocks

Funny Monkey

Ref. KH20/002
Product description

With this bright wooden toy kids will enjoy a build-and-match game and learn thinking outside the box! The Funny monkey is easy to build and is attractive to play with. The monkey can be “treated” to an apple or a banana using a reversible tummy element. This toy helps develop babies’ motor skills, teaches hand-eye coordination and the size concept. All this ensures a wonderful experience for the toddler exploring the world around!

Educational value
cognitive skills
logical thinking
sensory abilities
fine motor skills
Product specification
Series: Wooden Blocks
Product Name: Funny Monkey
Reference number: KH20/002
Toy Dimensions: Size of one of the elements: 10.5*5.7*2.2 cm
Package Dimensions: 18.5*27.9*3 cm
Age: 1+ years
Batteries: not required
Product information
Water-based paints
Made of high-quality wood
4 pieces
1 animal character
A two-sided tummy element
Bright colours
Build-and-match game
Imaginative play and creative building
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