World Children’s Day

World Children's Day

Of all celebrations for kids World Children’s Day stands out as being a fun day with a serious message: this is a special day that urges everyone to celebrate childhood, to express concern about the secure future of every child and promote children’s rights globally.

The origin of this holiday goes back to 1925 when representatives from different countries met in Geneva to convene the first "World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children". Later, World Children’s Day was first established by the United Nations and celebrated on the 20th of November in 1954, and since then has been observed each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide and improving children's welfare.

All the UN member countries celebrate Children’s Day according to their specified dates, with June 1st and November 20th being the most popular dates recognized in the vast amount of countries.

Around the world, in order to celebrate this joyful occasion and spread awareness about Children's Day and children's rights, local councils and public leaders, community organizations and charity funds, teachers and parents arrange parties and entertaining performances, hold huge children competitions and fashion shows. In some places week-long festive school activities are held by children themselves. From delicious refreshments, free movies and festivities in entertainment centers to sport games in local parks and school camping trips – this day celebrations make children feel special as they are showered with congratulations and a lot of love. In most countries children traditionally receive presents from their parents on this day.

This is a great time for adults to show affection to kids via special gifts. Let your kids feel the festive atmosphere of this great day playing, singing and dancing with a marvelous light and music character toy or have a real party with a magic lightshow microphone. Make children happy with a new interactive toy like a kids’ tablet or a toy smart phone and ensure hours-long play and fun learning. The little ones should be particularly impressed by a cuddly plush toy – a fluffy play companion that can talk, sing and tell fairy tales. Choose colourful wooden blocks, cubes or construction sets and enjoy playing together with your dear ones, sharing precious moments of their childhood.

Kids are the future of the world, and it’s absolutely essential to provide them with proper education, care and benefits in the present to create a better and happier future!

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