Toy Tablet – still popular?

Toy Tablet – still popular?

Toy tablet is not a new toy in the market, the first toy tablets appeared on shelves many years ago. Every respective educational toy manufacturer has at least one kind of a toy tablet in its range. In the range of Kids Hits we have dozens of unique pads! Are these toys still popular over the years and what makes them so demanded?

The interactive educational tablet has grown in popularity due to its style similarity with the real device - with the same kind of button pressing, bright colours and a great variety of sounds - which catches attention of even the most demanding consumers!

Nowadays, choosing a toy, parents expect that their kids get fun and learning combined. Hardly any toy can combine those values better than a toy tablet.

Focusing on children’s needs, we produce toy tablets that introduce wizkids to colours, counting, shapes and the ABC and help them make good progress in early learning. A brightly coloured tablet with a learning component is just the right toy for every young explorer!

With special regard to kids' interests, we put all our efforts into creation of a unique design and diligently work on content of every toy tablet, which includes complex programming and development of sophisticated algorithms. The result is a fascinating toy – easy to operate even for the youngest users and fun to play for everyone!

These multifunctional toys feature funny ringtones, popular songs, sweet lullabies and create a wonderful musical atmosphere for learning, singing and dancing, and stimulate imaginative play. With these “gadgets”, the little ones can turn any ordinary day into a fantastic party and become real DJs, composing their own mixes, or can take a fascinating journey into the fairy-tale world and get acquainted with fairy-tale characters.

Carefully selected and age-appropriate tasks and questions of quizzes ensure that kids test and extend their knowledge about the world around. With our toy tablets, the child is encouraged to learn new things, apply logical thinking and reasoning skills, enhance alertness and train memory. At play, all kids’ senses are engaged, which improves their sensory awareness.

We are happy to introduce an amazing variety of educational tablets to suit all tastes. Our tablets stand out among other competitors due to the variety of games, tasks and topics! To choose the one your kid will be interested in - learn more about Hit Pads and Touch Pads and make your child happy with a unique toy!

Learning, playing and growing smart is so easy and fun!

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