The Start of the School Year

The Start of the School Year

Every autumn comes with excitement about a new school year - new beginnings, new achievements, friendships and adventures! Every new academic year welcomes schoolchildren to commit themselves to new experiences.

Lots of kids are going to school for the first time and they are about to get involved in academic activities and make new friends. First-graders in their new school uniform and shining shoes, with bright school backpacks are anxious to enter their spacious classrooms and open their first textbooks. Some will proudly demonstrate what they already know, others will keep quiet trying to adjust to this new environment and, perhaps, even have their favourite toys on them – hidden in their school bags.

The first day at school is a milestone for both parents and a child. And most parents themselves can be a little nervous, especially if they're seeing their little one off for the first time or if their child is going to a new school. But be sure: every kid will soon settle down and grow to enjoy the company and activities.

For teachers, the very beginning of the school year is usually accompanied by some anxiety too. A lot of preparation has been done to get off to the right start. The first day is the most important and the best one to establish new classroom routines, introduce rules and habits that will serve the teacher and pupils for the rest of the year. And what is definitely essential for teachers is to put pupils at ease on the first day and make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Full of back-to-school emotions, kids will happily tell about places they have visited and share impressions about trips they have made. Pupils certainly feel energized after summer holidays and will be particularly enthusiastic about getting engaged in any challenging learning tasks – for example, in the form of an adventure game, a quest, a sport event. Such first-day activities help practice in-class procedures and teamwork and create a friendly atmosphere.

The festive mood, colourful balloons, bright scented flowers, the first-day freshness and buzz, and happy smiles of kids and grown-ups make this day special and one of the most important days of the year!

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