The Role of a Doll in Kids’ Psychological Development

The Role of a Doll in Kids’ Psychological Development

Dolls have proved to be of great importance for children's emotional and mental development.

A doll:

• imitates the adult world, preparing kids for adult relationships.

• takes up different roles and becomes the child’s helper and close friend.

• develops understanding of standards of right and wrong, good and evil, beautiful and distasteful.


The right doll stretches children’s imagination, provides an opportunity to generate their own ideas, i.e. it is appropriate for open-ended play. Otherwise, it may hinder kids’ development.

Playing with the Be Fashion Academy dolls, the little ones use their creative skills, develop and fulfill their limitless potential. Each doll comes with a mannequin with a dress and fashion tips to create a new look, a booklet with creative design ideas and a unique accessory to match the character of the doll.

Developing the BFA dolls design, we have carefully considered the doll's proportions, and special attention was given to materials to ensure their high quality and texture pleasant to the touch.  After all, the doll’s appearance, proportions and the texture of its material are important factors that affect kids’ psychological comfort and, therefore, must meet the highest standards.

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