The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season

At this special time of the year - when cities and towns sparkle with festive illumination, and the neighbourhood fascinates with wonderful sights, magic scents and cheerful music - our hearts and homes are filled with joy and excitement!

The holiday season comes with mystery and enchantment of long-lasting traditions. It’s the time to meet with the family and friends and enjoy decorating a Christmas tree together, shopping for presents, exchanging seasonal greetings and gifts, and, of course, gathering together for the Christmas dinner to celebrate.

This is the time for fun, love and happiness. The magical feeling in the air inspires us with hope and enthusiasm and encourages to refresh ourselves, renew ideas, rekindle dreams and, what is more, fulfill the wishes of our dearest ones.

For kids, Christmastime is always full of wonders! The holiday fairs and performances in schools and at special venues welcome children as well as grown-ups to incredible festive activities. It brings everyone lots of joy to take part in fancy-dress parades, to sing carols and dance, and - with happy anticipation - to meet Santa Claus.

The most exciting part of the holidays is unpacking Christmas gifts. Toys are definitely the best presents! In the range of Kids Hits, there is always something special for every little one! And to make presents perfect, we offer high-quality toys to suit all tastes.

As we are approaching Christmastime, we would like to wish you a delightful holiday season with your family and friends, full of peace, love and laughter, and hope that the coming New Year will bring you a lot of happiness and success!

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