Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

On the way to green living, people have slowly come around to the idea that we ALL need to become more sustainable to protect the Earth for future generations. Our common goal is to lessen the impact of our day-to-day life on the planet to the extent possible.

There are lots of ways to make our lifestyle more sustainable and create a healthier environment for ourselves. Every family can try to limit the amount of energy and water to be used, consume chemical-free food, use eco-friendly products, and give preference to reusable alternatives for such single-use household goods as shopping bags or food containers.

A green lifestyle, too, involves simple actions like proper waste sorting, walking instead of driving, donating unused items or taking unwanted clothes to recycling boxes instead of tossing them in the trash. These are things that parents can do together with their children! And teaching kids about environment conservation from an early age is an excellent way to raise the next generation to be self-aware, environmentally-conscious and imaginative.

Therewith, choosing natural goods for children parents can be assured that their kids are not exposed to any harmful substances. Sustainable furniture and playroom decorations, accessories, dishes are usually made of the most eco-friendly materials like bamboo, teak, cork, organic cotton, felt, hemp. And organic toys!  There are so many different kinds of eco-friendly toys, ranging from cubes and building sets to trucks and dolls.

As a toy manufacturer, Kids Hits team highly appreciate all the efforts of entrepreneurs and suppliers, who are committed to creating and delivering eco-friendly products that customers want, and in a way that respects the Earth. We believe that manufacturers of eco-friendly goods for children will help inspire society to give priority to child safety and sustainable immediate environment.

Kids Hits have been working on several eco-friendly toy lines and will soon be ready to introduce a wide range of wooden toys to suit each individual preference. Besides the environmental advantages, our wooden toys will have a lot more to boast about. They are long-lasting, robust and beautifully designed. We are looking forward to offer hours of imaginative play to our little customers and make their toy boxes “greener”.

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