Sensory Experiences

Sensory Experiences

A favourable sensory environment is crucial to kids’ development as it helps them build up an understanding of objects, spaces, people and interactions.

From the moment they are born, babies use their senses to explore the world around. They do this by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and moving. Their sensory world welcomes activities, types of play and toys that stimulate all senses and engage attention both physically and cognitively.

Sensory stimulation with the help of colourful patterns, forms of all kinds and flashing lights fosters kids’ visual skills development.

And toys that make noise like rustling, crinkling, squeaking enhance hearing sensitivity. Musical toys with cheerful tunes, sounds of real instruments stimulate toddlers’ imagination and boost creativity as kids sing or dance to their favourite tunes.

Various materials and contrasting textures, ranging from soft and fluffy to hard and bumpy, provide tactile experiences that help babies improve touch perception and nurture fine motor skills.

Fine motor activities involve the use of small muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumbs and encourage grasping, pinching, and later on - buttoning and zipping, writing and drawing.

Such tactile toys as play mats also aid development of gross motor skills, encouraging babies’ 'tummy time' and such muscle-strengthening activities as reaching and grabbing, which supports higher level skills like rolling, crawling, sitting and walking.

Various Kids Hits toy series that can offer all the above sensory benefits to infants and toddlers have been under active development. And we feel happy that the little ones can already enjoy playing with Baby Touch Mat My First Zoo. With this play mat kids are sure to improve tactile perception, hand-eye coordination and auditory skills. Bright colours of the play mat will certainly catch their fancy!

Well-arranged sensory play is of great importance to kids’ progress and can help them develop in ways that go beyond the limits of their five senses.

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