Meet a new era of toy transformers!

Meet a new era of toy transformers!

Why do we always feature a complicated alien robot when we talk about transformers?  Can a transformer be a nice cute creature like a puppy or a kitten? And should transforming toys be so complicated that the youngsters cannot cope on their own? Keeping in mind these questions, Kids Hits team created a brand new line of TransformMates!

Meet a new era of toy transformers - manageable and playable, nice and cute, unique and charming!

Each TransformMate is a bright and colourful transformer that features 2 unique toys in 1! Speedy Pup is a police car and a hilarious puppy, Savy Kit is an ambulance car and a cute kitten, and Bravy Fawn - a fire fighting vehicle and a little fawn.

The cars with flashing lights and a siren sound are fully functional and are designed for kids’ active play of setting the wheels in motion, rolling and pushing the car. And transformation is the most exciting part of the play! In a few basic moves each vehicle can be turned into a cute animal! To make a puppy, for example, the bumper element of the police car should be pulled and bent to make the paws. The snout of the animal should be pulled out and the tactile rubberized ears – fixed on its head.  With movable paws and a tail, each animal character is ready to become the child’s playmate.

Transforming activities let the little ones practise fine and gross motor skills and help train fingers flexibility, aid in enhanced eye and hand coordination, spatial thinking and judgment ability. The motor activities are accompanied by a great sensory experience: the vibrant colours, the lightbar and the sound effect of each car engage all the senses of children and stimulate their imagination. During transforming activities kids get a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

TransformMates Speedy Pup, Savy Kit, Bravy Fawn can boast their innovative creative design: these toys offer an open-ended play with the vehicle, wonderful playtime with the attractive character and great fun of transformation. The complementary functionality of the toys having light and sound and tactile elements increases the playability and lets the child enjoy manipulating the elements to get the desired toy. Children learn creative techniques and learn thinking out of the box!

Kids Hits team has introduced a highly competitive transformer model with an attractive car and a cute animal in one toy! The animal character toy makes the lifespan of the transformer longer – much longer than that of transformer robots.  Besides, TransformMates line demonstrates our vision of age-appropriate design: transforming toys shouldn’t be too difficult so that kids could manage them on their own. Even a 3-year old kid can cope with transformation of Speedy Pup, Savy Kit, Bravy Fawn! These toys are designed to amaze and amuse!


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