Learn at play

Learn at play

Play is the best learning environment. Offer your child the right toy and the little one will easily learn the ABC, colours, shapes. Interacting with children at play is the best opportunity for parents to teach them different skills and concepts.

Kids learn better and faster when they feel motivated and enthusiastic. Thus, learning through play is the most effective way of early educational processes to make kids being good learners looking forward to school.

We at Kids Hits create toys not only for entertainment, we offer parents unique useful products as an aid to the early learning and development process. We create toys that best reflect children’s ages, knowledge, strengths and abilities in order to stimulate and support their all-round development. Learn at play is one of our key principles and we promote this idea though our toys.

Light and Sound playmats for babies encourage development of fine motor skills and sensory abilities. Babies can also learn animal voices and experience dancing and composing.

Introduce your kid to shapes, colours, measurement playing with our eco-friendly wooden toys – cubes, blocks. Let toddlers develop skills on their own with the help of pull-along toys that do not only bring a lot of joy, but also promote such aspects as body coordination and fine motor strength.

Choose Musical Fox or Musical Kitten and create favourable music environment for learning first knowledge and development of musical abilities. And with the Piano Toy – Musical Rainbow your child is sure to learn sounds of musical instruments and enjoy playing along to music.

Kids Hits tablets enable young learners to wonder, question and investigate subjects that interest them. Our tablets can help in learning the ABC, colours, shapes, the map of the world, farm and zoo animals, dinos, traffic safety, human body and many other topics.

Therewith, quiz format games enhance development of such skills as reasoning, logical thinking, remembering and other cognitive skills.

Learning at play can benefit children at every developmental level. Successfully working through new and challenging experience, kids gain self-confidence required to engage in new experiences.

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