Kids Hits – The Best of ToyFest!

Kids Hits - The Best of ToyFest!

Kids Hits are the Best of ToyFest in the “Infant” category! We are very happy to have won this nomination and thank everyone for congratulations on this tremendous success! We are truly grateful to the buyers who picked us as the best toys this year and appreciate support of everyone who favoured our products.

First time among hundreds of experienced toy manufacturers in the USA! ToyFest Trade Show 2023 was full of emotions of showcasing our brand new toy lines, meeting our potential buyers and – notably important! – receiving our first orders! And the customers are ready to wait until summer to get the toys they want, which cannot generally be called a common practice on the USA market, since buyers want their products right here and right now.

These remarkable achievements of our team once again prove that Kids Hits toy lines meet the needs of the market and our beautifully created toys satisfy customers’ demand. At ToyFest in Las Vegas Kids Hits found success far beyond the initial expectations!

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