Kids Hits DOLLS

Kids Hits DOLLS

Dolls are most favoured toys of all time! To the delight of doll lovers of all ages, Kids Hits represents new doll lines – unique and distinctively different, beautifully designed and absolutely adorable! The dolls are different in size, body proportions, facial features and hair styles, but each of them has its own extraordinary character!

The Be Fashion Academy is an exclusive collection of dolls. All the 5 characters have an original style inspired by various things, and according to the storyline they all adore fashion and study apparel design at the Academy. Due to the fashion lessons that go with every doll, kids get tips on how to embellish a dress, refine the look, sew on applique. Children get ideas of incredible outfits and make accessories to their very own design. At play, kids get encouraged to create and sew new clothes for the dolls. Young designers-beginners can develop their creativity by putting new knowledge into practice, express themselves through fashion and show their talents for designing. “Fashion makes the world go round!”– Sounds convincing with the Be Fashion Academy dolls.


Emily Grace line welcomes everyone to appreciate the atmosphere of chic and extravagance! This romantic lady wears beautiful elegant dresses with the vintage charm transferred to the latest designs. The dolls’ apparel features the modern vintage trend: decorative prints, floral patterns, flowing silhouettes and bright colours. Experimenting with fashion and accessories, every child gets immersed in creative play. Even riding a bike Emily is graceful and extravagant! Acting out real-life situations with the doll, children create new scenarios every time they play, develop their imagination and come up with their own beauty and fashion ideas! It’s time to dress up!

And who can resist enchanting Beauty Star dolls? Their expressive eyes with realistic lashes have a powerful magnetizing effect on everyone around! Their clothes are all the vogue! Each character has a unique look, accomplished with a delicate touch and a highly artistic sense of style. Each girl has got an interesting hobby, and they are all fond of dogs! Playing with the doll and its pet, children can express themselves, develop social skills, and practice personal and everyday practical skills. This doll line offers a wide range of choices to the little customers: Beauty Star Flowery Spring line stands out with elaborately detailed apparel and adornments. Shining like a star, each Beauty Star doll is ready to become the centre of kids’ entertainment!

Kids Hits team is happy to introduce original brand-new doll lines and advance our understanding of the beauty, enchantment and mystery of the dolls world – a rich source of inspiration for young creative minds.



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