Interactive Musical Toys

Interactive Musical Toys

Kids Hits is launching new lines of Interactive Music & Light toys with edu content to the delight of the little customers and their parents.

What could be more appealing to kids than shiny musical toys with bright lights? And what could be more appealing to parents than edu toys? Kids Hits new lines of cute interactive toys certainly live up to our motto: Play More, Learn Better!

Beautiful music-and-light Babykins invite children to incredible sensory play! Having chosen one of the animal characters - a moose, a giraffe or a zebra – babies will enjoy exploring its various textures, colours, bright lights and sounds. The rubberized element on the head of the toy (antlers, horns, ears) produces an amusing clicking sound when moves, and the buttons on the tummy light up when they are pressed. Popular songs and rhythmic dance tunes raise kids’ interest in music and encourage to repeat familiar rhythms, and sway or tap with their feet to favourite melodies. In this festive atmosphere children can show their musical talents - singing, dancing and playing along to music with funny sounds of the toy. And it’s so easy to learn at play! With the interactive Babykins, a child can learn the ABC and counting. Singing along to educational songs, every little learner will proudly demonstrate the acquired first knowledge and success!

The Babies series with the interactive musical fox, puppy, kitten and rabbit is designed to stimulate all the senses of the little ones. These toys attract children with colourful buttons and lights on the tummy and paws and soft tactile ears. Listening to merry sounds and tunes, babies can learn a universal language of music before they can even talk! Furthermore, these musical toys can teach numbers and letters, which will bring lots of joy to little whizkids. And there is much more! Toddlers can do fun morning exercises together with their “cheerful friend”. Using a pretend camera, kids will make their first selfies! Would you like to join in the play? - Strike a pose!

And you would never pass the Baby Hoppers by! Do you feel it’s time for a big musical adventure? Sing, dance and hop together with the interactive kangaroo, hare and monkey. Each charming animal toy has got springy legs, a soft forelock and provides great entertainment with joyful tunes and flashing lights. And the toy can talk – just pat its head! With these interactive toys, babies experiment with musical instrument sounds and real ringtones, act out animals, do lots of other fun tasks and learn counting. The Baby Hoppers are ready to become kids’ companions in all possible playful activities. There’s never a dull moment when such a great “friend” is around!

The functionality of Kids Hits music-and-light toys is really impressive! Playing and learning with our interactive toys, children entertain, develop their talents and enjoy the sense of achievement as they gradually become more and more successful in their favourite activities. Happy play – happy learning!


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