Home Learning – To be, or not to be?

Home Learning – To be, or not to be?

During the pandemic kids and their parents faced difficulties when learning at home, home learning becomes a real challenge nowadays.

Raising children in a fast-changing environment is a complex task. Until quite recently, it was believed that nurseries and schools should stick to teaching academics and that home should be the place where children's moral and emotional development should take place.

During the pandemic, lots of kids and their parents faced difficulties when learning at home – schools turned to online format, parents had to try the role of a teacher to their own kids, which appeared to be a real challenge.

Nowadays we are sure that children’s success in learning depends on the right balance of education at home and school.

Parents are the prime educators to take care of their kids’ overall physical and intellectual development, and to recognize the basic features of their child, temperament, character and interests. The environment, in which the family members live, raise and develop children, plays a crucial role in the child’s educational success. This should be favourable environment for the child to explore, experiment, discover and learn.

We at Kids Hits understand the importance of home learning and offer a wide range of unique educational toys as the real aid to parents. While learning at play, educational process becomes interesting and fascinating, kids remember loads of useful information, test their knowledge, acquire new skills. Our toys are based on the assessment of children’s individual differences, interests, developmental needs and created to help parents find the best toy for their kids. They are ideal for early development, starting with activity playmats for babies, eco-friendly wooden toys for toddlers and continuing with modern devices as phones  and tablets  with their challenging tasks and even quiz games. With Kids Hits, home learning becomes one of the most enjoyable family tradition!

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