Best choice for your Easter basket!

Best choice for your Easter basket!

Easter is a special family celebration filled with warmth and kindness. Easter also means pleasant surprises! 

The Easter Bunny – this cute and charming animal is one of the symbols and indispensable attributes of the celebration. Your child will meet the bunny with pure joy and will definitely admire the gift received. The kid will have great fun – looking for Easter eggs together with this toy – during the festivity as well as amazing playtime afterwards.

For babies 0+ months, choose our novelty Sweet Dreams Bunny – a lovely plush musical toy with multicoloured lights and calming lullaby music.

For babies 1+ years, Play with Me Bunny – a clever fluffy friend with bright light that can introduce a toddler to basic knowledge: the ABC, shapes, colours, numbers in a fun way as well as tell amazing fairy tales and entertain with popular melodies, well-known lullabies and mixes with musical instruments.

For kids 2+ years, Babies Musical Rabbit  – a cheerful educational friend with tactile ears and colourful lights. Pressing buttons, the little ones will listen to popular songs and dance along to favourite tunes, do exercises and even learn the ABC and counting!

A cute educational bunny is a perfect companion for your kid’s playtime, bedtime, travelling and learning! Presented at Easter, this long-eared favourite of your child will remain the most pleasant memory of the great holiday.

Boys and girls of 3+ years will certainly like Hit Pad My Super Farm – learning farm animals has never been such a fun! Kids can immerse themselves in the world of fairy tales with the magical Touch Pad My First Reader, stimulating their imagination and lending an air of mystery and enchantment!

Pay attention to 100% eco-friendly toys and choose useful gifts that will engage babies of 1+ years in hours-long play – My First Wooden Cubes and Wooden Puzzle Blocks Counting Farm, made of high-quality solid wood with water-based safe prints.

Wooden Forest Set is ideal for imaginative and creative play for kids of 2+ years. 13 pieces, 5 forest animals, woodland elements and easy ABC, numbers and colours learning included.

We wish you to have lots of pleasant moments, interesting ideas and happy memories that preparation and Easter Day celebration involve.  And, of course, don't miss the opportunity to please your dearest and most loved ones – your children!

Happy Easter! Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. Wish you to spend this holiday with your family, friends and loved ones.



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