Become fashion designers with the BFA dolls!

Become fashion designers with the BFA dolls!

Childhood is the most fascinating time in everyone’s life – the happiest time filled with magic, fantasies and dreams. Developing design of the Be Fashion Academy series consisting of 5 dolls, our creative team pursued the aim to inspire every child to create real fashionable clothes and accessories and to encourage development of kids’ potential and ingenuity. With our dolls, you can bring your ideas into reality.

Each BFA doll is different from the other ones, and all together they make a great team of friends.

Please, get acquainted:

The Fierce Feline Balam

is fond of nature-themed elements and prints, and is crazy about pets.

The Athletic Angel Bryce,

creates flashy concert looks, gets inspiration from music and adores performing on stage.

The Cosmic Crystal Queen Cassie

is inspired by magic phenomena, mysteries and riddles of the universe.

The City Fashionista Kelia

 - her self-expression comes from the street fashion, and she is really into graffiti.

The Goddess-Mode Always Hera

is the charm and grace of the team. She is good-natured and outgoing, likes organizing parties and can easily create a festive atmosphere.

Thus, we would like to emphasise the unique character of each doll, and to encourage every child to maintain his/her personal identity and not to be afraid to be different from others.

Each doll set includes a fashion outfit, unique accessories, a mannequin with a dress with several variants of a distinctive look and a booklet with creative design lessons.

You will be amazed to know that each booklet has a QR code that gives access to the lessons of all the 5 dolls!

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